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Conference Room

I am a theatre coach! I love working with aspiring music theatre actors, both in the classroom, and in private sessions.  I specialize in dramatic coaching for the music theatre repertoire, and I am presently accepting new clients. If you would like to work together, please use the form on the CONTACT page, and let's get to it! 

I bring a wide breadth of professional artistic experience to my coaching studio. I pride myself on being the "kindest butt-kicker" - encouragement is key, but so is challenging yourself! I am most passionate about helping young artists find their inner confidence and spontaneity. The stage is yours, and I would love to be the wind beneath your wings!

Kindergarten Classroom

I love to teach, and I have been for years! I am deeply passionate about raising up the next generation of theatremakers and artistic changemakers. From my days in nursery school, sneaking my mother's curriculum guides to design lesson plans for my dollies in "play school," I have always savored the challenge of drafting engaging and thoughtful, scaffolded curriculum. I specialize in teaching creative drama and music theatre techniques, and feel strongly that children can and should experience the transformative, empowering catharsis and joy of the creative arts at a young age. My most recent teaching clients include Truthbase Theatricals, Kick & Play (with Super Soccer Stars), and Dance.Laugh.Learn. 

Stack of Books

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, I leveraged my creative experience with my newfound role of fulltime caregiver to my then 1-year-old (and access to a giant shelf of children's books), by helping to launch the storytime program with the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund. I serve as its storytime coordinator to this day. You can find the dozens of storytimes I have helped produce (and even hopped in front of the camera for a few) on the ATL Arts Relief YouTube Channel. 

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